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Look around the place you want to build on. I am sure that most houses are using the best materials you can get in the region for the lowest cost possible without cutting on looks. That is probably what you need, too. People are usually torn between using steel or timber for construction. So here are some tips to help you choose. It all depends on where you live, locally found materials are usually best because they are usually lower in price and if the competition is big it’s probably because it the most used material in the region. If you live in Colorado, there is a chance that you can find prefabricated steel frames, they are usually cheaper and safer for many reasons.

Steel buildings are environmentally friendly, while building a single-family home out of timber would require approximately 60 tons of fresh tress. Bad, huh? Of course, timber buildings have better temperature control, but you can solve that by insulating your steel frame properly. The long term cost is something else you need to think of. Timber frames decay over time, and depending on many factor it can decay too fast. That does not happen with steel. This means steel is extremely low maintenance. Maybe you do not like the look of steel? You do not have to. Brick, vinyl sidings and even wood veneers can give you the look you are looking for. So choose wisely, over time you might regret your choice, or gladly enjoy it.

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